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Sue McComb, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., LMT

Kansas City : In Practice Since 1994


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I know that when my allergies kick up in the Spring and Fall, I can always count on your acupuncture treatments to keep me feeling healthier and symptom-free.
Sculptor, Kansas City, MO


Sue, those essential oils helped my dog remain much calmer during our recent thunderstorm. Thanks for such a simple solution!
Dog lover, Kansas City, MO


Acupuncture and herbs help me sleep better. Insomnia isn't an issue for me anymore.
College student, Kansas City, MO


I just came from my doctor's appointment and she isn't going to treat me for hypertension after all. I guess the acupuncture worked!

Almost diagnosed with hypertension, Kansas City, MO


The herbs offer welcome relief for my family and me.
Lawyer and busy mom, Leawood, KS


The acupuncture and integrations really helped my anxiety.
Expectant mom, Kansas City, MO


The baby's here! Thanks for the acupuncture and the "on-time-delivery."
Third time mom, Independence, MO


Thanks for doing such a great job with my in-laws. They were hesitant to try acupuncture at their age [mid-70's]. You made their first experience a winner. I'm confident that they will continue with acupuncture treatments when they return home.
Concerned son-in-law and client, Wellington, MO


Thank you for being so professional and such a help to my friend in Minnesota. By answering all her questions over the phone, you made her feel 100% more confident in her decision to try acupuncture. You're terrific!
Concerned friend, Fairway, KS


I feel more like my "old self" than I have in months. The acupuncture and herbs
are incredible.
Hairstylist, Kansas City, MO


The acupuncture and herbs have helped us all so much and so quickly, Sue. You are answered prayer for my family and me. Thank-you.
Single mom, Lee's Summit, MO